Business Solutions

A company can have the best possible technologies to help them to get the job done. However, if the overall system is not setup correctly, then you not utilize the full potential of your technologies. All of our professionals are trained in multiple aspects of computing as well as many other solutions that allow us to see the “big picture.” If needed, we can also setup and test your new or updated solutions in simulated situations before it is implemented. By doing this we are able to help you alleviate any issues that could arise when working with your clients. We also have the ability to train individuals, or a group of individuals on your new technology solutions; giving you and your personnel an understanding of your network and systems avoiding “day to day” errors.

Consulting pricing is dependant on the size and complexity of the systems. We do not put any time restrictions on our services.


    Each business is unique and had unique needs depending on size prefession and future directions. We offer consulting not just from a big picture aspects, but also in small matters as well as the purchase of any new equipment as it is important for us to ensure that all of our clients have the means and technologies they need in order to succed within their budget. Some of our areas of consulting include

    • Technical Consulting, Web Design, Medical, Technical Support, Digital Medical Records, Security Systems, Networking, Servers,, VPN, ON/Off Site Backup, New Systems, Custom Computers, Data Recovery, Design Database, Restaurants, Estimating, Remote systems, Data management, Search Engine Optimization, Shopping carts, Wedding sites, Custom html, Flash, Web hosting, Domain registration, Mail setup, Spam control, Exchange servers, Web servers, New Network Planning, Network troubleshooting, Gaming Systems, VOIP, Hardware installation, Network optimization, Port forwarding, System recovery, Merchant Services, Routers, Switches, Digital X-Ray, Software installation, Ultrasound, Optometry, Training, Cisco Technologies, Microsoft, Windows, Macintosh, Access, Word, Excel, Power, Point, Flyer Design, Card Design, Intranets, Phones, PDA’s, GPS, Laptop, Hardware Repair, Over clocking, Biometrics, Sound Editing, Simple Video Production, POS, (Point of Sales), Construction, Medical, Home, Business, Real, Estate, MLS, Virus Removal, Printers, Scanners, Internet, Firewalls, CCNA, CCSP


    With years of expierence we are able to serve any netwok and specialize in.

    • Design: We design new networks from the ground up with an emphesis on future growth.

    • Construction: We install all of the network equipment and make sure that everything is in working order.

    • Security: We specalize network security and security serveliance to ensure your network is secure from all sides.

    • Repair: We can troubleshoot and reverse engeiere problems with your network wheither it is home or a business network.


    Databases make up the majority of most businesses in today's world, from tracking finances to keeping patient records and monitoring equpiment. We specialize in all types of datbases and the challenges that come with them, for example.

    • Quickbooks installation and training.

    • Database maintence: Ensuring updates go through smoothly, repairing database errors.

    • SQL updates and maintence

    • Databse converstions and upgrades


    • We offer options for employees and business owners to connted to work remotely.

    • We also offer remote services to repair most computer and/or network issues.


    With any new equipment, software or implimentations comes a learning curve we offer training for any staff or yourself so that everyone can fee confident with a clear understanding of perations and functions increasing efficency and productivity.

Backup and Data Recovery

    • In a world where everything is digital backup is more important than ever that. We make it a priority to make sure your backup solution fits your needs.

    • If something does happen and you find yourself missing data we specalize in data recovery